Every carpet is different. Experience and sensitivity are required here, especially with older carpets. Depending on the type of carpet and material, other work is required. You can even have hand-woven carpets, Berber carpets and silk carpets repaired by us. Our experts are very familiar with the individual types of carpets and materials. Of course, we will repair your carpet using original materials such as natural fibers, wool or silk, no matter whether shag or etc. This way your favorite carpet keeps its color and structure and looks like new again. Do you also have a damaged carpet? Would you like to have your carpet repaired? Do You Have Questions? Just contact us. We would be happy to advise you and work with you to find the ideal solution for your carpet. So we can give you a reliable assessment of the damage and the recommended work quickly and easily.

How the (name of your brand) works.
1. Make an online booking for a date and time you prefer
2. A fully equipped, local carpet cleaner will show up at your doorstep
3. He will carefully inspect and deep clean your carpet or rug on site
4. Enjoy refreshed carpeting and a much healthier home