Treating pet contaminated rugs takes expertise, patience, and the appropriate cleaning agents or enzymes to safely eliminate the pet issues while protecting the integrity of the rug. When rugs have pet urine issues, our technicians will isolate the rug, apply live enzymes to the contaminated areas and allow the treatment to dwell for a minimum of 24 hours. This isolation process guarantees complete decontamination of any urine, feces and vomits and prepares the rug for the cleaning process. This also applies to stubborn cases, such as Urine smell of pets, spilled liquids and many other annoying smells. The removal of annoying odors is an important process in the finishing of object carpets.

Pet Stain removal

How the (name of your brand) works.
1. Make an online booking for a date and time you prefer
2. A fully equipped, local carpet cleaner will show up at your doorstep
3. He will carefully inspect and deep clean your carpet or rug on site
4. Enjoy refreshed carpeting and a much healthier home