We begin cleaning with our full immersion technique. 

The rugs in a bath of enzymes, disinfectants, and deodorizers as they’re immersed and change the water and solution as necessary until the liquid runs completely clear. 

This exclusive immersion washing process effectively removes all types of stains from rugs, including pet stains, food stains, mud, and more. Full immersion is also effective for eliminating bacteria, allergens, tiny parasites, and other organic materials that may be present in your rugs.

Enzymatic Bath 1

How the (name of your brand) works.
1. Make an online booking for a date and time you prefer
2. A fully equipped, local carpet cleaner will show up at your doorstep
3. He will carefully inspect and deep clean your carpet or rug on site
4. Enjoy refreshed carpeting and a much healthier home